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Originally Posted by KKM3 View Post
I'm very happy for you. To all m3 owners who want to change up, I highly suggest looking into a CPO Porsche 911 997.2, preferably the c2s coupe. I bought one after owning 4 m3's and couldn't be happier. The level of performance, refinement, feel, prestige, looks, and sportiness, are unparalleled IMO. Don't make the mistake of downgrading to a Nissan purely for performance stats. Buy a used CPO Porsche and u will fall in love with it. I guarantee it.

And you don't know what you're talking about. So typical of the conservsation to move to used cars when talking about a GTR.
Any Porsche in the same category as a a GTR is at least $30k higher.
And how is performance "unparalleled" when you just admitted the GTR is superior? BTW, I've owned an 325Xi, M3, X3, M6, X5 and X6M too. So don't blather on like I'm ignorant of BMWs. They're nice but frankly I have many more issues with my Bimmers than I have with my Nissans.

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