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Originally Posted by tom @ eas View Post
I wouldn't expect BMW to foot the bill if it wasn't their problem.

This is all part of the troubleshooting process. What was the last item installed before the issues began? Likely that will be the culprit. It may not even be a device issue, but a compatibility issue between two devices.

Devices need to be completely disconnected in troubleshooting, not in stealth mode - starting with the last device installed and working backward.
Here is what i was told so far... the Ignition Coil from the first cylinder has a short circuit. The mechanic said that some long sparks have shot out from there.
Diognostic cods keep telling about Misfireing on all (most) cylinders (orsome like that)

They stopped working on it as they saw aftermarket stuff installed ...
I never had any engine tuneup or so done... so i never messed with the engine or its coils....