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I would never buy a car in California. I have been spoiled as a California resident living in Oregon where there is no sales tax, thus why on Earth would I ever buy a car that is way overpriced and has tax in California? No thanks. Not worth my time or money. Sorry just my rant on California and their bullshit prices and taxes.


I toyed the idea of a Porsche Cayman S or R and saw them and couldn't really get into them because they need some work to get them to where I would like them to be = to much money. I have a 2009 X5 for my daily driving and M3 for weekends but honestly if you leave the E92 M3 the next step up if thats what you are going for would be nothing less than a Porsche 911, Gallardo, R8, ZR1, etc.

The Porsche Cayman S/R is a rival of the 2006-2008 Z4MC so that is a step back in reality (well that is up for debate). Even the R with more power is still a rival of the E86 Coupe, not the E92 M3 or the new F series M3/M4.

They just sit on lots up here in the PNW and don't move. Well the prices move south. lol

I say don't do it. Not worth it.
Z4M Coupe is not even close to being in the same game as a Cayman R.

Cayman R is not only much faster in a straight, it is embarassingly faster in the track than a Z4MC. Just on Hockenheim the Cayman R is 5 seconds faster. And the Cayman R has run under 8 mins on the Ring where the Z4M is well above 8 mins. On other tracks you'd see 2-3 faster laps for the R on even short tracks (2 min or under). Even the 1M, which is faster than the Z4M cant touch a Cayman R, or even S for that matter.
As per above, on paper they may be close, but when a Cayman R puts down ~20 more RWHP than a Z4M that s making the same crank hp its not even close. Not to mention its balance and steering are beyond superior which is worth far more than the hp and its slightly lower weight.