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This is a re-post but still hilarious.

Love when I see these little LA and Beverly Hills high school kids who've been to a track once or twice in their life, who watched one too many episodes of Top Gear, and there upon think that they are Lewis Hamilton or Michael Schumacher. I see it all the time. Even though you may think you are a great, experienced driver, and even if you turn an amazing lap time at your local track, you lack years of experience, seat time, and most importantly, sound judgement. Clearly they did not know the limits of their car and their own limits as drivers.

Drive safe and don't be another reckless dumbass on the road. If you do want to be a reckless dumbass.....atleast take it to a controlled environment where you wont hurt anyone but yourself. Also, if you are planning on being a reckless dumbass regardless, don't be so smart to post it up for the world to see online. I hope these guys learned their lesson (they probably didn't).
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