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Originally Posted by duk View Post
cayman S hands down for pure driving enjoyment
+1. I think more people need to hop behind the wheel of a Porsche before calling it 'overpriced for what it is'. I haven't been able to hop behind the wheel of the new '14 Cayman S, but I did drive a new '12 911 S about a year ago. To date it's the closest thing I could find that compared to the sheer pleasure I get out of driving my E92 M. In fact, both build quality and steering precision is superior to the M as it is less refined (as well as lighter weight).

I was fortunate to be part of a BMW track day a few weeks back. For the track that we were on, the M almost had too much power. You really had to be careful during the elevation changes and coming out of the corners. The ITB's allow the torque to come on in full force if the call is driven correctly. It makes you step back and think maybe Porsche is getting it right when it comes to the power/weight ratio
The Cayman S is 700lbs. lighter than the M, but it only lacks ~20ft/lbs. in tq. I don't know if i'd miss the extra 90hp on my weekly joy rides.
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