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Originally Posted by whats77inaname View Post
It's interesting that you and I think along some of the same lines. When I picked up my used M3, I made sure it was a 6MT, as I had (and still have) reservations about the long-term reliability of the DCT w/higher HP. Drew's build verified that I was right to be concerned. Granted, the DCT is faster, but I don't feel like replacing a tranny every couple years.

I've been looking at the HP to $ ratio of making respectable power out of the M3 w/a supercharger, and have been extremely disappointed w/the M3 tax burden that is placed on us. I understand that you have to pay to play, but I can't quantify that kind of $ and then getting stomped by so many cars on the street and the track.

My end game is to finish out the M3 by the end of this year w/a used s/c. Mid next year, I then plan to buy and start building a 1000-1200rwhp 6MT MKIV. That'll satiate my desire for an overall street/strip/rolling fast car
Yeah the DCT can't handle a lot of torque (the 335is guys are finding this out now) and from what I'm being told, doesn't like to rev beyond 8,800 RPM.

It's a very nice balanced car, but for the $$ invested there are a lot of other cars that are faster/better.

The MKIV is a better platform for high HP. Just have to deal with crazy turbo lag and traction issues.

Originally Posted by Uiop View Post
Do out still want 800HP or do you want the 1500+? The second will be very fun. Can I have a ride too? I think I mentioned the UR kit earlier. Lol
Sure I had out rides to anyone that wants them. The Stage I sounds good to me. 700 AWHP on pump gas and 1000 on race gas is plenty.
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