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Originally Posted by NELSON.MLGB View Post
My Warranty got avoid because of my Lux angle eyes and my Front splitters.
I know it sounds funny, but it is true.
I went to Calgary BMW last week to have my horn fixed.
After checking, they said they can not fix it for me because I have my angle eyes and splitters installed.
They said I cut the wires when I did the installation.
They also said that I removed the Front bumper to install the spiltters, so I was the one who broke the horn...
Even more funny, they was going to charge me for the diagnostic ....
I don wanna fight with with em since I don even use that stupid horn.
But the statement that they gave me was just too funny...
Have any one take off there bumper to install a lip??
You don't need to remove the bumper to install splitters. I had mine installed at a BMW dealer. So they are clearly jerking you around.