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Originally Posted by Alex07M3 View Post
not any modded car can be as fun as an STI for that cheap , I don't know what other cars you're talking about but in the STI price range , not a lot of car can make good use of that much power ! If you really wonder what's the point of having a 500hp STI for less then 30k , it's either you don't know the value of money or you simply don't like going fast !!
You can build a V8 Miata for about $15-20k that will run circles around pretty much anything. Chech out the forum, there is a member running a beast like that. Now that, is value for the money.

My lightly modded 93 already corners as fast as the M3 (faster in the really tight stuff), it kind of makes me wonder...

And I still like the Evo more than the STI, if we are comparing AWD turbo cars with a lot of potential for modification.

So to counter your statement, there are alternatives out there for under $30k...

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