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Originally Posted by mike33176 View Post
So, I pull up to one of my Favorite restaurants. It's called The Daily Bread in Pinecrest,Fl that one of our fellow M3 board members owns and go inside and order. I come outside to a pretty open parking lot except for the guy who pulled up and parked right next to me in a new Black STI with exhaust and a bumper sticker which read" V8 Killer". He and this really cute chick come out of the car and he looks at my car and I see he notices the exhaust and maybe the Active Autowerke Lisense plate frame. I said" V8 Killer, That's Adorable! Want to put that to a test"? She said "He'll race yo---" until he put his hand over her mouth and said to stop. He looked back at my car and said," Nice Car, I'm good". Really Funny!!
That guy was a dumbass.Youve got to have some big balls to but V8Killer on your vehicle unless you can back it up.

Now, if that was on a beware....