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Originally Posted by The1 View Post
so, are you guys still voting on top 3? or as you chose top 3 are you guys sidelined?
no I voted so I think we can further vote again in the poll.
Originally Posted by rodi View Post
what if there are more than 3 top photos? sometimes we have contests with 25 submissions. surely there's a constant percentage of "top" images. maybe there should be the top 3 or top X%, whichever is greater?
it basically went like this

A,B & C

A,B & F

B,H & I

B had the most votes so it goes in, A had 2 votes so it goes in, then since H was highest on Caspita's list that wasn't already in, that made the last entry.

Originally Posted by MP0WER View Post
Maybe we should just list all the entries and get one vote. I know it's too complex right... In all seriousness, there are two entries that didn't make "the cut" that i would have voted for over these 3.
again, just trying it out to see what happens, nothing saying we have to do it forever or can't go back.

Originally Posted by rodi View Post
that's why democracy doesn't work.

in all seriousness, judd's should have made the cut.

not knocking the new method, just sayin'.
And thats fine, it's your opinion to have. Personally I saw absolutely no focus to that image (no pun intended). To me, it looked like he just went and shot the park outside his place. looking at intent, subject, light/dark ratios... I didn't see anything that I liked (and hopefully everyone here is big enough to hear both praise and criticism about their work without taking it personal).

However, if you or someone else saw brilliance in it, thats fine... art is subjective. If/when you were running the contest I would take your opinions and taste into account and know that there was reason behind you selecting or not selecting certain images as your top choices. If others in your group of judges agreed/disagreed it would confirm something that was either good or not so good.

There will be reasons why x and y got left out for sure, and there were more than just the 3 images I nominated that I thought were very good, but I chose what I thought were the best in my opinion.