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Originally Posted by secretsquirrel View Post
I agree with what others have posted. You're thinking of purchasing a vehicle that is known for reliability problems, not a big deal. But you're thinking of purchasing an 8 year old car known for reliability problem out of warranty, big deal! Keep in mind the (probable) difficulty in finding parts for it that will make maintaining it difficult without lots of money, time and effort. Its hard to get pussy when you're stuck under a car.

As others have stated, get a used 911T or 911 Carrera in a bright color with nice wheels and loud exhaust. Chicks won't know the model or year, all they'll know is that you drive a Porsche. It will attract plenty of attention. I know its not a Lambo, but you'll also have a newer car that you can drive hard without fear of it breaking and costing you major grip. I know you stated that you want to drive slow and be seen in the car rather than running it, but thats not possible. People are going to want to hear you rev it, and then the natural tendency to showboat starts.
Many people here claiming that the Lambo has a lot of reliability problems. Care to state which ones? I don't expect Honda levels of reliability, but I've always been curious if it is indeed possible to own one and DIY.

Originally Posted by HebbNH View Post
Seriously? 8 years old is too old if you want to drive a car? I guess everyone who still drives an E46 M3 or a MKIV Supra or a 993 911 is just crazy then? And who the hell cares if the electonics are a little dated? If I was driving a Lambo, I'm pretty sure the electronics are the last thing I'd notice. Get real, dude.
+1 I'd buy the Lambo (heck even my M3 with 08 Navi) for it's looks and performance. Technology comes pretty far down my list but that's just me.
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