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Originally Posted by devo View Post
I can't agree with that analogy at all. I am an avid cyclist (raced competively for a number of years and still ride hardcore) and know exactly what you mean but do not think friction shifting/index shifting relate to the manual/DCT debate. Most of us who love a manual gearbox know that it is inferior to a DCT but don't care as it's the act and feel of shifting period. FTR I don't think that a manual provides more control over a DCT. I really have a hard time understanding why DCT people insist on using the evolving technology card. (I am not necessarily referring to you). DCT is faster but a bit boring at times to me and some others. THAT is all that matters.

Cyclists who feel/felt that friction shifting provided better control and had weight savings worth mentioning are delusional. I have no such delusions about a manual over DCT, although a manual is lighter. We all know that really doesn't make a difference to the average driver.

Well we have more in common than a love of GT3s. I have been a serious road cyclist since the mid 80s. I remember buying my first 6 speed Dura Ace group in '87 and being scoffed at by die hard Campy Super Record people. This reminds me of that.
That said, I switched to Campy once they produced a slant parallelgram rear derailleur and indexing.

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