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Saw a 550i in person!

Stopped by my local dealership today to talk to my SA about loaning an X5 for when I bring my M in for service in the coming week (seats started mad wrinkling after putting 42 miles on the clock (actual 42 not 42 added to my current mileage ) so they're gonna talk to BMWNA and see if I can get a set of new seats. Maybe look into retrofitting some heated seats too. Anyway, While I was waiting for my SA, I saw the new 550i! I gotta say, its pretty nice. Much nicer in person. Reminds me of the first time I saw the 550i GT (looked awful in pictures but it got decent after seeing it in person....flame suit on). Sat in the interior and it was what I expected from a 5 series, Roomier and nicer than a 3 series xD. The interior was made with a much higher quality feel compared to my E46 325i for sure and a little better than the M3 (which I think is pretty well built as is). This is most definitely one up from the E60's (I'm sure you all have heard this over and over again lol). A car to definitely consider if your looking into having a nice comfortable daily driver but don't want the soft plush feeling of a lexus.
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