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Originally Posted by JEllis View Post
Just curious where you got your information. As you know I am also doing Mil Sales and have not received any official or more official word than the original estimates given to me by my rep.

The estimate that was given to me was about 50K and that was 5% under MSRP which would be 55K MSRP base.

The options that were shown to me, that I also have the paperwork for, were all based on the 3ser.

All these numbers are well over 6 months old as I did my paper work even before I left for deployment.

How is 50K 5% under 55K?

What I received today was a formal marketing piece that was new, not old, I ordered in June and received the same info you are talking about. This is the first time I was presented with a formal marketing document with option lists and packages unique to the M series, not 3 series. Yes, the MIL sales price quoted does say "Est" next to it, but before, things were much more vague, nothing in print, and every thing on paper order forms said "TBD" - To Be Determined.
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