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Post VAC Motorsports | S54 Stroker Kit - Always In Stock!

Buy Now:

Upper Echelon S54 Performance!

Our VAC S54 3.4L Stroker Kit has been properly designed and tested to ensure performance, durability, and reliability. This kit is suitable for a street car or all out racing vehicle!

With years of proven performance in the field, there is no better choice when it comes to these crucial components.

Our stroker crank is the finest in the market by large margin. This is made in the UK to beyond OE Motorsport quality by Arrow Precision. Arrow manufacturing standards are at the highest level so you can rest assured you have the best S54 crank in your engine.

With years of experience and an optimized design, this stroker kit is a trusted setup. We have proven this configuration works brilliantly and reliably, all while using BMW style bearings. Don't bother with weaker offset-ground or modified cranks, or those that have to use a domestic style bearing.

We have many race teams running this crank and our stroker components with great success. They have won multiple It is proven to win in the even the most grueling scenarios of 24-Hour endurance races.

-Proven in Grueling Endurance Racing - Championship Winning
-Machined from the best-quality steel billet
-Exacting specification
-No need for non-BMW bearings
-Properly nitrided
-Exclusively manufactured by Arrow Precision to our specifications

-Exceptional quality and consistency
-Choice of specs
-Balanced out of the box
-Highly durable
-Pre-clearanced for most race cams (always check Piston to valve clearance*)
-Includes Rings, Standard Pins & Locks

-Closely balanced out of the box
-Include ARP hardware
-Best in class Strength-to-weight ratio
-Proven results in this stroker kit

Understanding Your Stroker:
-This crankshaft has a 97mm stroke
-A bore size of 87mm gives a displacement of 3459.8cc
-A bore size of 87.5mm gives a displacement of 3499.7cc

Commonly ordered compression ratios:
13:1 [Race use] High octane race fuel
11.5:1 [Stock CR] Good for pump fuel, low-boost (>9psi) turbo, Superchargers
9.0:1 [Low CR] Recommended for high-boost turbocharged engines, Big custom charger

With maximum reliability and displacement, your S54 will scream! Our crank maintains a lightweight design and offers gains in torque and horsepower throughout the powerband.

VAC S54 Stroker Kit includes:

VAC 3.4L/3.5L Billet Crank with 97mm Stroke
(6) CP Forged Pistons; with high quality rings, pins, & locks (any compression ratio/ .5mm bore increments)
-Optional Slipper Skirt X-forging Pistons (+$100)
-Optional skirt & dome coatings (+$60 per piston for both)
-Optional DLC coated Piston Pins (+$60 each)
(6) Arrow Precision forged connecting rods w/ ARP hardware
-Option, Titanium rods for the ultimate in high rpm capability

VAC Tech Tip:
This crank can help give the S54 a wider powerband with more torque across the entire powerband, giving you the edge off the line and out of corners when you need it most! Always remember to check piston to valve clearance when assembling your engine.

Many race teams don't like to give away their competitive advantage: here are some of our customers who will share their successful formula. Check out these hill climb racers from the Middle East running VAC power!!!...

Brian Casella
Sales Representative, VAC Motorsports
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