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Originally Posted by GregW / Oregon View Post
Finally gaot the car back after 1 3/4 days. Everything seems okay so far, but I've only driven it a couple miles.

Well, here's what the service invoice says about the alarm installation:

"1998 Tech 5029 - Performed DWA alarm retrofit. Due to alarm retrofit, tech needed to update software in vehicle (including CAS). Upon completion of software update, the TEL/ULF and the AMP had failed to respond correctly. Tried to perform complete vehicle encoding and found that clip instructed to replace the TEL/ULF and the AMP. Disconnected CIP/SSS and performed battery reset of vehicle. Upon completion of battery reset, reentered progman and indvidually special measured AMP and TEL/ULF. Both modules updated successfully. Performed the entire vehicle encoding. Vehicle encoding successful."

Charge was $110.50. My regular SA had gone to California for an M3 dealer driving event; I will be discussing that with him when he returns.
sometimes the telematics unit takes a crap and crashes while programing. the amp and the tel are on the same bus. when he said he did a battery reset.. he basically "rebooted" the modules in the car. then the tel and amp took the programing. pretty common prob.
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