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I simply replied to M33's sarcastic comment with my own. I was not looking to start a war here, I know too well how you guys react to anything anti Ess.

I can post tons of threads where a group of 4-5 of you are also attacking not just AA but anyone who questions Ess. You know who you are

I know you select few love the drama which is why you feel the need to immerse yourself in it every time and come to the rescue with the same comments over and over. WHY?

You love your kit that is great I get it, but their are other companies that make a great product as well and you need to come to terms with it. You can't just go around go around with this superiority complex that you are the best and everyone sucks.

Now relax and post a silly smiley next time instead of jumping down mine or anyone else's throat for posting a semi relevant comment.

Originally Posted by VCMpower View Post
Air to air inter cooler, water/meth injection. Problem solved.
This is Not Needed..

Originally Posted by erm324 View Post
^Great contribution to the thread, its clear why you would say that based off your sig.

OP, like roman said check the system/codes first to see if its all running right. I know my buddy sal@autocouture and many others track the living shit out of their blown M3's without a single hiccup. You could also try an upgraded oil cooler

To the Op im sorry for going off topic.

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