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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo

I'm interested in hearing the strong points of each kit.

On a side note, and relevant to the actual topic in discussion - I have heard from two people in hot climates that experienced issues with the ESS kit on the track. I think it was an issue with the rear seal on both cars. They had to fill up the oil consistently after it went south. I guess that's more blower specific considering it's a Vortech unit.

But it's really not surprising to me - Stock M3's will run 300F oil temperatures on the track on a hot day. When I went to the track awhile ago with an E92 and E93 (+ my E90), all three of us were pushing 300F oil temperatures. Considering a supercharger affords 100+ more HP, it wouldn't surprise me at all if the car had overheating issues, considering stock cars have this problem to begin with.

I'm interested in knowing what the IATs would be on the track after hard driving. I would suspect that with the supercharger fitted they would be quite a bit higher than the ambient air, as opposed to an NA car. An upgraded radiator and oil cooler might be the answer to a consistently trackable beast - although I think that even with the M24 that oil temperatures on a supercharged car would still be over 280 during a hard beating. I don't like it when my oil temperature exceeds 240, but it's unreasonable to expect it would stay below that in extreme conditions.

Thanks Mike for getting back on track. This topic is one for the ages. Having experience with my blown s52 e36 M3 on track (high temps, belt slip), I think it's a bit hopeless. Adding a larger radiator and oil cooler I think would only delay the overheating, not solve it. High ambient temps+ boost+ 25min track session= death to motor.

I have been trying to get feedback like the OP has kindly shared with us. The 7-8 psi "low boost" kits these companies are offering, making 500+whp SOUND great. But major heat soak and limp mode party's seem not far away if you use your car at the track.

Please keep this thread updated OP!

On a side note the PROcede with PWM Meth makes just shy of 400whp, and my buddy's car at thunder hill on a 100 degree day said his temps were barely higher then street driving and solid all day long. He was no where near 300 degrees.
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