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Couple of follow up comments on the Bridgestone Potenza RE-11... I can't say enough about these tires. They have transformed the car IMO. The car feels lighter and more responsive (it isn't, obviously, but it REALLY feels like it). Steering feel and sensitivity is much improved and traction is better too. They are a little harder over bumps than the Pilot Super Sports but not by much. I really do love the PSS but the RE-11 are a definite step up in feel and responsiveness. I expect the AD-08 would be similar or better for feel but maybe with a bit more harshness.

And... one more picture. This was taken on my Blackberry when I was leaving a home improvment store this AM... something about the car and wheels just struck me. I wish I could have captured it better than was possible on the BB (not to mention that I felt like a tool standing in the parking lot taking a photo of my car so I rushed it a bit). The more time I spend with the VS8.2 on the car, the more I am really appreciating these wheels.

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