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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
I know that your reply was about a comment directed at you, about you not understanding finance. I know it had nothing to do with Obama. To allege it had no racial overtones is absurd. I can think of no context in which "how white of you" can be applied to knowledge of finance, or any other topic, without it having racial overtones.

OK; let's try this:

Asian colleague of Middleagedal: "My son just got an A in math".
Middleagedal: "How very yellow of him"
Colleague: "What did you say ?"
Middleagedal: "Oh, get off your high horse. My comment had nothing to do with a racially sensitive topic".

Yup, you're right, when I say it, that argument sounds perfectly reasonable.

And that emotion would be what, flaming racism ? Didn't you just argue that the ONLY people who say "Disagreeing with Obama makes you racist" are crazy republicans trying to put words in the mouths of left wingers? And yet, here you are, basically saying that very sentiment a few posts later? Does that make you a crazy right-winger?

Perhaps, just perhaps, someone calling Obama a leftist involves a different opinion than yours, one that is equally legitimate; whereby one looks at his position on healthcare for example, and concludes that such a stance is more significant and indicative of his ideals than his NRA position, and thus still places him firmly in the left, and not moderate at all. If you honestly believe that the only other possible explanation for someone disagreeing with your assessment is that the other person has a confederate flag tattoo and white sheets with eye holes cut in them, then I truly feel sorry for you.
Is this the Spanish Inquisition??? You are unbelievable and unrelenting. Your asian example is idiotic, because 1) "how yellow of him" is not a familiar phrase, and 2) I have no idea whether the person I posted it to is white, black, asian, hispanic, or whatever. I used the phrase to be humorous, as it connotes the idea of patronizing that I was going for.

Next, where do you not understand the difference between disagreeing with someone and lableing them as a type of radical nut without cause? You can disagree with Obama all you want, I don't care. Lying about what he's done and said is another story. Calling him a radical or leftist (leftist is not a word, and is used only as an insult) when undeserved is troubling to me.