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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
Dude, mellow the f out. My "very white of you" reply was for a comment directed at me, about not understanding finance. It had nothing to do with Obama or any racially sensitive topic. Get off your high horse.

The fact that Karl Marx is white has nothing to do with anything. Dennis Kucinich and Ed Shultz are radical liberals, they're white, and I'm OK with that. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are black, and I'm fine calling them radical liberals too. But as a president, Obama is extremely moderate; he's pro NRA, pro nuke, pro drilling, and has not pushed very hard on many of the liberal agendas. He also attends the prayer breakfast. So for someone to call him a radical leftist involves an emotion beyond policy.
Im with scotch on this, i dont think it was a "your a racist" jab. Maybe, but i doubt it.

However Obama is most certainly not a moderate. The first president to support gay marriage in office publicly, tends to disagree with you. Though im closer to his thinking on the subject than conservatives, its hardly a moderate position. His policy on oil IS NOT what it may seem to you. What about him saying something along the lines of "hey, i said wait until the election and we can talk about disarmament", hardly pro nuke, at least personally.

For the record, i have been called and had it insinuated that i was racist for being against the Obama agenda by two black acquaintances until i basically shook one of them and told the guy to snap out of it, "i grew up with you". Im hardly a person that could be called a racist for many personal reasons, but lately it seems like those who levy name calling like racist over politics tend not to care too much abut the reality of the situation.