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The Veyron doesn't have the jerk because they don't want it. With 1000 HP, any slight increase in acceleration would cause it to lose traction instead of accelerate. The F1 cars also have seamless shifts because of their massive HP:weight ratios. Any slight jerk will cause unbalance.

So, if you have ENOUGH HP, you want smoooooth. If you don't have enough HP, you want all that energy transferred to the wheels during gear shift.

In theory, the best tranny is the CVT. The CVT would give you NOTICEABLE improvement over the DCT. Only problem is that the CVT has not yet been able to handle the torque.

Maybe one day, M3s will be CVT. How boring would that be? LOL. Maximum HP all the time during S6 mode and you can have an "E" mode for maximum efficiency for fuel economy to prevent the gas guzzler tax.