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Originally Posted by Mega Man View Post
No, it's not like Warcraft 3. I'll post up a screen shot of what "Your Profile" looks like now. I don't have to be at work today until 5pm! w00t! I just woke up! Haha!

Some people are doing this already...but it's usually just griefers. "Oh man, I've lost so many games in a row...this game sucks...everyone just does...blah blah...I never even get to tier 3..." I have made some friends on BNET 2.0, and we play some custom games when our pool is low (points awarded when you win).

Yeah, it's when a player sends a replay to Blizzard and complains that a hack was used. It's not a very effiecient system.
eh i hope that they could come up with something too.
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