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What is it that makes the car feel sharper?

Two M3s ago now, my first E92, had the Dinan Stage 3 suspension on it. It felt great - very sharp turn-in, cornered nice and flat, understeer cured, the lot. But it was pretty stiff, and American roads are crap. I'm sitting here waiting for car #3 to get shipped across the pond from Regensburg and now considering my options on handling. I had EDC on my second M3 and didn't like it, and felt that the electric steering in MDM wasn't doing much, so I left that off the BTO sheet. For reference, I drove the EDC car on the Nurburgring, with MDM configured to leave the suspension in "comfort" mode as the car skittered and had wheelhop on rougher parts (especially on the back part of the track through brunnchen/pflanzgarten.)

Now for my question: Dinan's kit consists of springs, a front ARB, camber plates, urethane bushings and adjustable end links. From what I've read, I suspect that the camber plates helped the turn-in, but I'm not clear on whether the ARB or the springs or both combined to reduce body-roll. The reason I'm asking about this is, I would like to retain as much of the ride quality as I can while sharpening up the handling. Suggestions/ideas would be very welcome.