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Originally Posted by bmw-nj
Originally Posted by nukezero
sounds like a lot of debate over this. I do agree to some extent 8 years old exotic car does seem old. But 3 years or less, it is still quite expense. 4-5 gets a bit cheaper but still out of range for most people.

I guess renting one would make more sense but that's about $12-15/mile depending on amount of mileage you buy and the initial rental cost.

Last time I calculated, my bimmer costs me $0.68 cent a mile to own (insurance, gas, car payment, registration) 20k mile driven.

Life is too short. I've got to atleast drive one no matter what. Rent or buy. Would be even great if they had lease offers. lol
They do have lease offers but they don't make much sense I don't think. Usually 8,000 miles a year around 5-10k down and 2k a month.
Dude, those are prices for Mercedes AMG's. I looked into Lambo leases and they're $3200/month for 3600 miles/year. So $10/mile are the lease rates with something like $40k down.