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Originally Posted by HebbNH View Post
More expensive to own and maintain? Sure, obviously, that was never in question. Too old to be driven simply because it's a 2005 and the electronics are outdated? No way, no how, and that's all I was trying to say. It's like people are too stupid to function these days -- unable to comprehend a person's point before they spout off with their profanity-laced, grammar-challenged nonsense.
Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
Dude, it's the internets, and this is a car forum, but your grammar is just killing your argument, if you even have one.

Further, do you really think a Gallardo is hand made?
My point is you cannot compare a M3 to lambo. I also was little drunk when i posted that.

but if you cant see my point, then forget it.