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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
Thanks to all again... to be honest, I do not know which was more exciting, taking a look at the car for the first time or returning to Germany after 16 years.

I personally met Matt and Christine once in Miami with forum member ssabripo, after he ordered his Individual E90 M3. Because I wanted to have my ED in late September at the latest, and because the M3 was to be 2012, there were quite a few complex and production hurdles to overcome as traditionally ED is only available in mid October for new model-year models introduced in September. So between Matt, Maria (never met her in person, only by phone and emails) and Christine they pulled quite some strings in making all this happen this exact way.

One thing... these people are the real thing. They know their product and they are car people. If just BMW salespeople were just 10% as knowledgeable and enthusiastic as they are they will be selling at least three times the number or M3 and Individual options as they do now. Individual combos, options and one-offs (like my steering wheel) are available to any BMW sold in the USA, but for some lazy reason sales people do not want to even mention it.

This is not a matter of letting customers choose pink seats with purple seatbelts, but it can be as simple as letting a customer order a M3 with the $875 Harman Kardon system instead of the $1900 Individual Audio in the USA. In my particular case, I added the new M Performance steering wheel with bicolor leather, the center console in color-coded Rust Brown to match the extended leather (instead of default black-colored plastic), and the handbrake boot in Rust Brown to match. It is not cheap, but those are the personalization details that create an Individual car, IMO...
Christine is amazing. she really does know her stuff inside and out, and was instrumental in helping to get my order approved despite the fact that some of the options i was ordering conflicted with the individual options i was getting. During the process of finalizing my order, she and i spoke probably 9 or 10 different times, as she explained the entire process to me and what could and couldn't be done. Working with her really humanized working with BMW, which you would imagine being sterile given how big of a company they are.

Glad she was able to help you as well. Your interior looks amazing.

Originally Posted by Technic View Post
This is waiting for the USA delivery so far

- Signature Silver Morr VS8.2 in 20" (squared setup in 10" wide)
- Magnaflow mufflers (I'm a sucker for the Magnaflow sound) with staggered and slanted 3.5" tips
- Gloss black grills/gills
- CF splitters and rear spoiler
- Hawk HPS brake pads
- OEM Individual Audio speakers (full front/center and rear set), new rear OEM shelf for the rear speakers, new OEM grill for the center speaker, SSMB8 underseat woofers, VP Electricity 12" trunk sub enclosure (ID12), JBL MS-8 and PDX 4.150 and PDX-5 amps
- BMW Live and BMW Internet by Bimmertech
- 35% tint all around, 50% windshield

This is a lease while I wait for the F80 M3 so all is PnP and 100% reversible back to stock (except tint).
Can you detail the differences between the OEM Individual Audio speakers as compared against the premium speakers (and even perhaps the stock non-premium speakers)? I'd imagine most of us including myself are not too familiar with the Individual Speaker option.

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