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Nixon, would you rather both sides negotiate in public? Roll the tape from yesterday and today and you will see the Liberal Democrat leadership step out in the public and make all kinds of accusations against McCain. You would have thought this whole thing was about McCain. If you think that way then maybe you just don't understand anything.

What do you mean by bipartisanship? It sure isn't limited to a Republican getting a Democrat to do what he wants. McCain came to town to talk with his side of the get them included in the elements at hand...a negotiated bill that everyone can live with. I think he accomplished the initiative to do just that.

You don't have to be in the same room with someone to negotiate a deal but you do have to bring reason to the table. If you think the Liberal Democrat Leadership brought reason to the table you understand what went on behind closed doors.

I'll let you in on something they brought to the table that had nothing to do with the crisis at hand but thought they could just tack this on and noone would know it until it was too late...$500 Million for ACORN...are you kidding me. That one thing alone would have been enough for me to go ballistic. Yep, got the Country on their minds alright I'd called ACORN a special interest group but then don't depend on me, go read about them yourself.

And the debate...I thought both did a great job as debates go. It was incumbent upon Obama to make the case he was truly Presidential...more so than McCain. He did not achieve that. Round One to McCain by the slimmest of margins.


You're right on the money Call.

Well said!

The bottom line for me is that I do not know either of these men personally, however, I need to judge them and their motives from what I hear.

Also, I will judge them like I was taught, by the company they keep and have kept.

With those guiding principles in mind, since McCain has been around heroes all his life and B.O. has surrounded himself with zeroes all of his life, I think I'll go with the older fella and the heroes!

His good motives are without question for the USA.

B.O.'s, well it kinda smells.