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amanda hor$t

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jan '01...

used acura nsx (no rear seats, not fast enough for an exotic, too expensive)
new corvette c5 (just a thought, couldn't see myself as a corvette guy)
new e46 m3 (too expensive, would have had to wait months and i needed a car)
new lexus is300 (not bad, but it's no m3)

this was actually the first dealership and m3 i looked at, and it was a winner. one of the last e36 m3s to come off the production line, only driven for a year (sat in the lot for a while). got a pretty good deal, bought it the next day.

12.5 years and 140k miles later, its been the best car i've owned (company cars included). overall it's been pretty reliable, had a lot of fun, lots of memories. we've been through the party/clubbing years, work and small biz, relationships/pets, grad school, a handful of homes/garages, etc. still runs well, not immaculate but pretty clean imo. for a few years i had this and a 996, and ended up parting with the 996. it's pretty much retired now, i don't drive much anymore and the es300 is a perfect food wagon.

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