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Originally Posted by FwdFtl
I'm curious to know for all of you that say nothing new, what kind of things were you hoping for on the new iPhone?

It seems like the main recipe for a revise is: bigger screen, faster processor and lighter with a sleek new design.
I unno, I guess your right, but it just dosn't feel like theirs anything to get excited about anymore. It seems like I always know what's coming, but there's just not that one new innovative feature that makes me go, "oh dam, must have."Like before the iPhone 5, everytime time they changed the number, it was something, just different and nothing compared to Apple. To me, all apple did this time was order a bunch of new parts, and didn't take the time to create something fresh (now you can say, what else is there, but if I knew I should be the one working there), and are just playing catch up with Samsung.