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Originally Posted by nmulax View Post
Well, I knew it'd happen (kinda suprised it took this long actually), but I found my first asshole 335i driver today.Coming home from work, 3 lanes each way with a center median.
I'm in the center lane, stopped at a light when this 335i E90 pulls up on my right. He hangs back a bit so his headlight is even with my passenger window. Light turns green, and...

I - release the brake, press in the clutch, shift into first, slowly start to drive, since there's another light 40 yards ahead.
he - launches hard ( the poor car), goes flying through the intersection, only to have a truck pull out from a parking lot. He slams on his brakes trying not to rear-end the truck, and I cruise past.

At first I shook my head in disbelief, then I remembered...
335 > every other car in existance
just stick to your 330 then, that won't make you an asshole