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Originally Posted by Malek@MRF View Post
I would listen to what a lot of recommendations here, especially from guys like Martin_D, Eric and other great detail guys.

One thing I don't really agree on though would have to be the Chemical Guys line. They have a lot of good product, but there is also a lot of redundancy in their products.

If you are novice to detailing, which you might be (there is nothing wrong with that!!) stick to a product line and get very familiar with it. With that said, the last thing you want to do is become confused on a ton of products. With that said, try Auto Finesse as nothing but great things will come out of it.

Good luck. If you ever want help, stop by the shop and I can give you some pointers on detailing to speed up the learning curve.

thanks malek, your always very helpful.

lol and i definitely am a novice detailer, ill more then likely go with auto finesse..
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