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Originally Posted by MarkE90M3 View Post
From a performance standpoint, the 18" wheels will be a noticeable difference IMO, especially if you are able to pair up some sticky rubber with some relativly light weight wheels (BBS). The problem is that, especially on the E90/E92 body, 18" wheels will look a bit small IMO, so 19" are the better choice from an appearance standpoint. But in my opinion, I think there is a noticeable performance gain in going from 19" -> 18"; and on the same token a noticable visual gain going from 18" -> 19". Its the eternally difficult choice to make.

Another option is to get an exotic lightweight 19" wheel.

They say when deciding on wheels, there are 3 factors to choose from, price, performance, looks. Any given wheel will only have 2 of the 3 factors.

Its too bad they dont make wheels in 18.5" huh?

Personally, if I got the 18" wheels, I would get them blacked out, so the wheels and tire would all look the same and negate the whole looks thing alltogether
Mark, would say that the reason why 18s are better is mostly because of weight? And if that is the case, then 19s that way the same or less than 18s will perform the same?

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