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Great to hear!

Originally Posted by NikB316 View Post
Sooo I managed to get to MaximumPSI for a really quick visit after getting the O2 sensor replaced and adaptions cleared. Car ran like a consistent champ! Same numbers but there was no small dip in the middle of the curve we were sometimes getting prior to the sensor being replaced. We also didn't get the new filter in as my current one is old and crushed! I'm going to try to pop in there Tuesday to get the new filter and other pieces on and see if it makes a difference. I'll also be on the Volks by then and will empty my trunk which has all the old s/c kit in it....whoops :/ shits kind of heavy! My plan from there is to go to a dynojet so we can also see the difference between the two dynos on the same day.

I plan on typing up a nice detailed report of my driving impressions and all in the next few days but lets just say the kit has exceeded my expectations. I will include dynos from each day in my report as the more information the better for everyone. My car is totally different and feels like an OEM rocket! I think Active has hit a home run with this kit. Anyone around my area looking for a test drive just hit me up! If I was in a buyers shoes I would love to be able to drive the kits to see the pros and cons to determine what would be best for me! We are an M3 community after all.