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Originally Posted by Halitosis View Post
Thanks for sharing your setup on the Z4M Roadster Beedub. Glad to hear you are a fan of their 4-wheel Formula kit. ESS supercharged to boot! Definitely a serious road and track toy you got there.

I'm jealous you got to visit the headquarters. Is it open to the public or special access needed?

ring ahead and they'll open it up if your a customer, i took my calipers directly to the factory to have anti knock back springs installed... while they did it for me ( FREE) i had a little tour, its around 40 mins from my house.

The detail even to the road kits is staggering!! theirs even a little area to apply your heat range stickers, nice detail ;-).... awesome items!!

thanks for the comments on the car.... its very serious indeed, the brakes are probably one of my favourite parts of the package, they haul down every single time what my 500hp car can throw at them.... never once showed signs of fade BUT...

they are noisy, crap when cold, cover my whole car in dust, but i LOVe them, mine are in option only enamel red paint.

again really cool to see my actual caliper used on some supercars. Thanks for the comments bro.... appreciate that
Pristine Bi-colour Ti /Bsm...z4m roadster Ess vt2-500....Perfection on wheels.

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