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Originally Posted by adc View Post
I drove the 997.1 and 997.2 back to back with the M3. I liked the .2 engine better than the .1, had significantly more power but I felt that the S65 had a slightly better throttle response. Not by a huge margin, but the advantage was there. I also thought it likes to rev more than either of the Porsche engines and was smoother in the process.

When talking about fuel economy, I hope you guys are taking into consideration the huge weight difference as well as the aero considerations. Is the Porsche engine really more fuel efficient or just powering a much smaller/lighter car? We'll probably never know?

Considering the price difference, I think the S65 is an incredible achievement. I think if BMW had dropped it into a 3200lbs chassis they would have killed the non-GT3 performance wise. I'm a little bummed that they didn't and that they show no intention to compete in this category.

Anyway, I loved how connected to the driver the 997.2 was and how direct the steering and transmission felt. If I could justify the $30,000 price difference, I'd probably buy one - then again for that much money I could simply buy a used Cayman and turn it into a much better track car than either the 911S or E90 M3, all the while keeping my bimmer.
Fair assessment, but dont think dropping to 3200 lbs it would do anything other than lessen the performance gap considering the size of the gap as is. Basing that on the fact that the M3 GTS barely edges out a 997.2S in performance despite having 444 hp and down to 3300 lbs.