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Wheel weights, will it really make that much difference?

Ok, some of you may be aware of my ongoing quest to get some nice 19 inch road wheels for my M.

I've had BBS in the past, most recently a set of 8.5/19 CHs on my Audi.

I've been looking at Breyton GTS wheels and there has been some confusion as Breyton do the GTS and are planning to release a GTS-R in July/August. The R is a lighter weight version of the GTS (same design).

Breyton themsleves, in writing, have confirmed the GTS 8.5/19 weighs 11kgs/24.2lbs. The R will be lighter.

I can get the GTS now with Michs for £2700. The R wont be around for 4 months I reckon and I dont know the price but clearly it will be more expensive.

Question is, will I notice the difference between the 2 wheels in terms of weight if say the R is 4-5lbs lighter? bear in mind this is a road wheel.

I'm not sure I'm patient enough to wait tbh as apart from the looks it means no track days for 4 months.

I need to make a decision ASAP and the options are:

Breyton GTS in Matt Black with Michs now
Breyton GTS-R in Matt Black with Michs in 4 months
Something else, if so, what?

Really starting to get hacked off with it now but at least I'm getting straight answers, in writing, from Breyton. Email conversation with Breyton in full below...


Hi Richard,

yes, the GTS will also fit to the E92 M3.

We offer following sizes:

8.5x19 ET30

9.5x19 ET35

With a 10mm spacer at the rear axle you will nearly reach the M3 specifications.

The weight of the 19” front axle is approx. 11kg, rear axle approx. 11.8kg.

Within the second half of this year we will also introduce a GTS-R version especially for

M3 fitment, means front 8.5x19 ET29 + rear 9.5x19 ET23. This wheel will be weight

optimized so that it will be lighter than the standard GTS.

Maybe you want to wait for another few month ?

best regards

Reinhard Kratzmann

Senior Sales Manager

-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----

Hi Reinhard

Thanks again for your prompt reply, you are giving me great confidence in your company!

I believe then that I have been looking at the Matt Black GTS wheel and not the R bearing in mind I require fitment in 19 inch for the E92 M3.

If you could confirm the weight of the wheel and specifications I need in the GTS please I will contact Wolfrace and order a set immediately. I would like them to match the sizes etc of the BMW factory 19 inch wheel (I have the standard 18s that I will use for track, the GTS being for road).

If you could confirm the weights and sizes of the GTS in 19 inch I would be grateful. BMW OEM Sizes are:


19" Style 220
Front 8,5J ET:29
Rear 9,5J ET:23


Front 245/35/ZR19
Rear 265/35/ZR19

Kind regards



Hi Richard,

thank you for your response.

The look of the GTS-R is not so much different than the GTS. The same look to

the wheel will be kept but the weight is reduced significantly. The backside of the

spokes will be a different shape and the wheel will have a red circle behind the spokes.

Pictures are not yet available but will come soon.

We will start with 18” sizes for Mini and 1-series application. Maybe bigger sizes will

follow but we did not finally decide about this yet.

We expect that GTS-R will become available in the UK approx. June/July.

Hoping to have served you.

Best regards

Reinhard Kratzmann

Senior Sales Manager

-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----

Hi Reinhard

I'm a member of M3 Post, they tend to be quick off the mark when finding out new information!

What is the difference between the GTS and GTS-R in terms of style and weight please? Are photos available for the R yet?

Also, when are the GTS-R due to be available in the UK please? I may wait for those.



----- Original Message -----

Dear Richard,

thank you for your interest in our Breyton wheels.

The GTS-R wheel is not yet on the market, maybe you mean the GTS ?

We would be interested to know where you have seen any information about the

GTS-R, maybe you can let us know.

Anyhow, please contact our following UK distributor:

Wolfrace Wheels (UK) Limited

Unit 7, Causeway Industrial Estate

Galiford Road


Essex CM9 4XD

Phone: +44 (0) 1621 876346

Fax: +44 (0) 1621 843771


Best regards

Reinhard Kratzmann

Senior Sales Manager



I wish to purchase a set of 19 inch Breyton GTS-R Lightweight Alloy wheels in black for my E92 2008 M3 Coupe.

I am in the UK and would be grateful if you could recommend a dealer please?

Also, could you confirm the weight of the wheel in 19 inch with fitment for both front and rear on this model of car please?


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