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How the hell did you get the thermostat housing back on those rear pipes without shearing the o-rings?

I literally used a carpenters clamp across the thermostat to the 90 deg turn on the coolant pipes to get it on only to discover it tore the o-rings and leaked out ~1 gallon of coolant into the V and down the back of the engine.

Got new o-rings but cannot for the life of me get the housing seated without bulging out and tearing the o-rings. I've got through 3 of them so far and have used assembly lube, coolant and even dish soap to try to lubricate the o-rings. I think the housing end has a slightly rounded lip so might be better without shearing but I can't get it seated even pushing and wiggling the damn thing with all my strength. I'm worried about pushing the car off the jack stands.

Any advice whatsoever would be greatly appreciated