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About to attempt this. With labor costs from $400-600, that's highway robbery. Don't understand how DIYer's are doing this in 3hrs and professional indy shops are quoting 5-6.

Question - the ECStuning replacement kit ( comes with 1 liter of coolant, while the genuine replacement kit comes with a gallon. Assuming I should get more coolant than 1 liter? If so, how much? It also says to dilute 50:50 with distilled water. Meaning, if we needed to refill with 2 gallons total, you need 1 gallon of water : 1 gallon of coolant.

I am going to attempt the method Lunker325 did - purchased the transfer pump for $10 on Prime.

Also doing the temperature sensor as well (is this located in the tstat housing as well)?

Thanks for the fantastic DIY and awesome thread contributions!!!
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