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Originally Posted by Spun Crankhub View Post
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The kit is manufactured in Germany.
They use an ASA blower pump.
I bought the car from a friend (original owner) and he had the G-Power kit installed right around the 6000 mile mark. The car has just over 61,000 miles now.
GP Infinitas is the name of the company that produces and services these kits now.
This motor is amazing with the blower!
100% agree with that fact!
Transforms the car into an absolute Brute, when you are doing large gas pedal movements.
I have lengthened rear rims (220 style) with 305/30/19 Michelin PS4s and you can roll into 4th gear, pin the throttle and in some situations it will spin those tires when the revs hit 7000.
Better be 100% on guard though.
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