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Originally Posted by rheistand37 View Post
LOOK FELLAS< I HAVE EDITED THIS BECAUSE SOME OF THE RESPONSES I AM GETTING ARE RIDICULOUS. Telling me I don't deserve an M3, going on some long ti-raid about 335 reliability, and other nonsense. Please allow me to clarify a couple of things.
1. I could give two $%^#@ about a 335i including the one I drive. I have it cause I got it cheap at the auction. I have the chip cause a buddy told be I could make it a little more fun cheap.
2. I am not attempting to bash the M3. Its a beautiful car. It sounds amazing, especially with exhaust. after all I am looking to upgrade.
3. everyone seems to be fixated on nonsense so I'll put the question no one has answered in a later post up here. Does the M3 with xpipe, tune, and exhaust have similar pace to a otherwise stock jb3 335i. No downpipe, meth, or any other crap. I only ask because THAT is what I have driven and THAT is what I could compare it to. I would think it would if xpipe and chip claims are true, 440-450 horse power should be enough.
4. I am not very experienced at posting on forums but if I asked you these questions in person, would you respond in such a way? Be cool guys, Im not trying to insult anyone. For those who were thanks. I do appreciate any input!


Trying to get an intelligent answer here can be challenging. Good luck!!

I mainly read the threads and make my up my own answers.