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Originally Posted by ScotyH View Post
C'mon, don't keep us in suspense!!

What kind is it?
Alright. I'm kind of having second thoughts because of the cost but the subs I were thinking of are Alto Mobile Falstaff subs. They are very similar and supposedly designed by the same guys who designed the legendary Phase Linear Alienate subs which are said to be one of the best SQ subs ever.

I''m having second thoughts because to have the enclosures made are going to be expensive not to mention the costs of the subs alone are about 3x that of the SWS. I think what I might do is just go ahead and drop the SWS-8s in the OEM enclosures and hook them up to the new amp. If it satisfies me then I'll just leave it alone. If not, I'm sure I could sell the SWS to someone and then put the rest of the money into the Altos. The only bad part is that the Altos have been discontinued for about 4-5 years now so my window of time to be able to get them is rather short.
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