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Originally Posted by jmg View Post
North Dakota and South Dakota have some of the lowest unemployment rates in the US.... and are the highest in infection rates per capita.

The majority of fires in CA are federal land. It's LITERALLY NOT the states job to manage wildfire prevention in those areas.

Not only that, what are you comparing CA's performance in wildfire management to? Certainly not a state like FL, which has a totally different climate and landscape.


We have an ideal comparison right here in CA-federally managed National Parks. Two different bodies in the same region dealing with the same problems. Guess what: the federal government isn't doing any better.
Infection rates aren’t some big OMG scare factor for reasons I’ve already been over. You can accept them or continue to dwell on cases counters. H1N1 had 70M US cases and a completely different death count methodology.

I’m comparing a burning state to states which don’t burn.

Not your job so let your state burn? OK.

The federal government is trash too. We agree on that.
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