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Originally Posted by ase2dais View Post
Yesterday I was surprised to be able to test drive the new 2008 M3 Coupe with manual transmission over at Passport BMW. Having first look at the car at Sterling and then able to start its engine at Fairfax BMW and now THIS !

Wow! What a Country! Truly the land of opportunity, I’m sure these CAs knows that such favors given also has opportunities in return. But I really didn’t think such, because most of us are friends of Passport, and I was treated no differently. There was no pressure except the pressure I put on myself. BK ! a sedan wasn’t available for the test, so I hope this coupe test drive will answer some of your curiosity.

Initial Impression:

Yves Badji the CA drove the car from the rooftop to the lower lot because of insurance purposes. My biggest dissapointment, as I’ve said earlier, was that there was not special interior attributes compare to earlier e46/39 M platforms. There was no special bulkiness of the door and seats, the shift M knobs doesn’t lite up and no special gauges readily distinguishable that’s you’re in a /M.

Bland! You’re inside a regular e92, or 90 for the matter. I’ve even stalled the engine on the parking lot trying to move, since I’m so accustomed to the e46 heavy clutch pedal release. The new M foot pedals are feather weights, as I slowly try to get use to it driving it slowly out from the dealer lot. But, I had a smile, because I had to savor every moment as I slowly open the cookie jar J Vroom! Vroom! roommmmm! roommmmm as I stop at the light twds the beltway.

Red! Yellow! Go!

There was no mid-speed in mind for now on, a slam from first to second as soon as I could. as I maneuver the car to the ON ramp. Unknowingly driving with DSC disabled, the pushed car to third gear, while increasing its speed towards the curve apex. Solid! a slight downshift into second was smooth while maneuvering/preparing for the 495 traffic merge. SLAM! into third, in a flash of the eye I was going (1*#)mph + and every car on the rear mirror was disappearing like vanishing point. Yes! Kowalski is alive and on the passing lane in 3.5secs. Well! whatever is was, it was a split seconds it seems.

It was Rock solid pushing this weapon, while you savor the sight of the front hood whale hump. The split-secs responsive acceleration, the view of its elevated front hood and the sight of cars disappearing on the mirror was the only time I knew I was driving a time bomb. <grin>

Personal notes:

I am also never an especially aggressive driver, and I was careful on this drive. The car was stable, even during cornering ramps as it simply tells me I’m the new M3, I’m an awesome car to drive and forget the loyalty to the e46 that you left behind.

One of car most charming and adorable traits is its sound. It’s a sexy, subtle but not over powering growl. You punch it, and its like a battered wife asking for more. You feel devious and evil as you know you’re about to do something bad. Your head can jerk as much as Ashley Alexandra Du’pre as you apply more. Be cautious for your heart rate can climb fast into anaerobic rate as it tops tachs gauge lactic threshold. ”Wow! Was is as good with you as it was for me” asked the new M3.

To me its truly a sports car, it acts like one and feels like one. There was no momentary lag unlike its rival TT siblings. I’ve driven both and like them both. But this car to me feels has the soul that the other is lacking. When your foot drops ... all your reservation and comparison to all 3 series are dead. I agree with another comment that the new M3 delivered a deep body blow of power … freaking great!

Clearly, expectation and feel of 4.2 liter V8 is simply much more different and fully satisfying. Its worth will only be gauge by pocketbooks, testerones and egos. Now I feel that I’ve cheated my e46 the lust once promised.

At the end of the test drive, my head was spinning, adrenaline rush, expecting the everyone I see are in the same euphoric state as I was when I talk. Excusee me ! and How can they? When a M3 test drive is limited to a few.

I'm calm now :angel:

Tech Notes:

! DSC off and Pwr buttons stds, EDC button opt w/ ZTP
!! BMW AG results 4.7 secs. Pls obey speed laws and traffic rules
!!! M Drive optional, ZTP, personalize you driving feel
!!!! DSC delivers ptimal traction but with M Drive
!!!! DSC can also be set to track-oriented M Dynamic Mode (MDM) – more yaw angle and wheel slips
!!!!! EDC Electronic Damping Control – set to comfy, sport, normal ride
Awesome review...I enjoyed reading every word of it.

This post was deserving of it's own thread.

Thanks for sharing.