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Porsche Panamera 4S/4 -- phenomenal car; I doubt anything with 4 doors is as dynamically capable or as reliable/prestigious for that price. Overall package is very attractive and v-6 is plenty for the older buyers who don't need racing power.

Ford Mustang 4.0 -- a lot of people on the board were pushing this car; its complete rubbish...the manual is slow, and the engine is unresponsive, not smooth -- It just feels like a boat, really not agile at all. Power is decent at 400 hp...its power actually feels a lot like the 335i. But the BMW is a much better car. And its pricey too

BMW 750iL M sport - rubbish car...dynamically probably was the best before the Panamera came out. Problems: ugly and depressing interior, it even feels real sense of occasion. Passengers don't have much here, even with the nice massaging seats and what just didn't feel special. Looks very nice though. Twin turbo engine has lagginess like the 335i's....just doesn't have the sense of occasion the Mercedes S class has or the badge and dynamics the Panamera has

Mercedes S550 4matic - fabulous car though very ugly. Dyanmically not very strong, but has a sense of luxury and occasion second to none. It is the ultimate chariot...and I think its pretty reliable according to JDPower...good build quality. Problem: every second tom dick and harry owns a C-class...why spend 120 on an S class when the badge has no value???

Mercedes E350 4matic - completely rubbish car....better off with a c class. The interior is very cheap and depressing, it really has no sense of occasion. Dynamically it is very competent; so much so, that the ride is way too harsh...harsher than the 5 series. Somehow though dynamically, it has lost its identity, tries to be sporty and luxurious, and achieves none. Sells only because of the three point star.

BMW 535i - As a driver's car its ok... the engine is somehow not as fast as it feels in the 335i. Handling is ok, nothing special, certainly disconnected...dyanmically very good thought. Passengers will feel short changed, but honestly its probably the best car in the mid-luxury segment class.

porsche carrera 911 - The best car I have ever driven...except the weight balance is not 50/50 and you can feel it. amazing car....very strong naturally aspirated engine and power train. Fabulous car....probleM: Engine in the wrong spot unless you're an expert.

Yea I've been on a few test drives this summer.

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