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So after tracking for a while, I have to say that the raised rev limiter is a must have.

I had to have my car flashed back to stock for a couple weeks while I got some stuff done.

and o my did I miss my tune!!
I really disliked (dare I say it..) driving my car...
It did not feel as responsive as I wanted it to me.

Here pass a couple of weeks... and I get my car flashed back with my tune!
My car feels great again and I no longer feel that it's "slow"

Jeremy was very accommodating to my schedule.

When I needed to flash to stock, I was about 15 mins late and he had to leave to go to another apt. but when he got my text that I was there, he turned around on the freeway and came back! now that's customer service!

Also, when I needed my car flashed back with the tune, he did it decently late in the evening.

I have to say that I love his customer service, and am Happy to have my tune back