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Waxing Question

So the video in the STICKY that shows you a 9min video on waxing is broken. First place I looked. Hoping someone can answer this question(s)

What I did
I used Meguair's Gold Class Carnuba Plus. Waxed on, dried for 60 mins, wiped the residue off with one microfiber, and lastly polished with another microfiber towel to get final finish.

After polishing, I still see some wax haze here and there. Nothing permanent, sure it's from the wax oils etc.

My Question
Am I potentially applying too much wax paste to begin with??? Hence more elbow grease in getting it out?

Note, I do use a separate dry/clean microfiber for polishing - no transference residue wax from the coating.

Thanks all for your comments! new to detailing and paint maintenance. I now own the car officially, so got to keep this baby shiny for years to come!