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Jeremy@OE Tuning

I must give a big thank you to Jeremy@OE Tuning.

Not only because he tuned my car and made it noticeably quicker and more responsive...but also because of his great customer service.

After I had my AA Xpipe installed by Gintani, I ran out of time and had to go to an appointment.

Jeremy offered to work on my car and get it to me ASAP.

However, I told Jeremy that I wanted to be there when he dyno tunes the car.

Thus, we agreed to keep my car over night and have it ready to be tuned the next day.

My schedule got busy again and I was unable to stay there for him to do the dyno tuning. However, since I had my Xpipe installed, I didn't want to get a CEL...
So what Jeremy did was he simply flashed my car and said that I can come back anytime and get the proper dyno tune I was paying for. (he didn't even collect anything from me for the flash; this shows he trusts his client and knows he will return, and when someone shows you this must trust, it's a great reflection of his own character and trustworthiness).

So I go to meet a client, and by the time I finished with work it was too late to go back for the Dyno tune.

Jeremy said I can call him and go in anytime I am free.
We scheduled for a Saturday morning. Jeremy was all the way in Irvine for Cars and Coffee so I really appreciate that he came over to the Valley to dyno tune my car.

While there, he provided me and my girl lunch while I waited for him to strap the car down on the dyno

Alex@Gintani comes and they start doing the dyno tune.

They are able to get a consistent 18whp gain or so and ask if I want to try and get some more, and obviously I said yes :P
At the end, I get to leave with a good 20whp gain

Driving around, I immediately noticed how much smoother the car drives and the quicker throttle response (with or without Power activated).

I have tracked my car after the Xpipe and the Tune and I am very happy with the results.

I wish I had done this sooner.... I've had my car for about 7 months and I regret not doing this right after the 1200 mi service!

I recently drove a friend's stock e93 M3 and immediately I noticed the decrease in power and acceleration. When I tracked my friends e90 M3, I didn't notice much of a difference in regards to acceleration (weight difference I'm assuming), but I did notice a delay in throttle response and smoothness of power delivery.

Thank you once again Jeremy for making my car come alive

Here are a couple of pictures That I took:

And here's a sketch my girl made of Gintani's E90 M3:

I have videos and the dyno graph, but my girl has the camera... (everything above was taken with my iPhone).
This is the main reason for my delay in making a thread... so once I get those from her I'll make a thread with the videos and dyno graph etc

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