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Originally Posted by vonwilbs View Post
Sounds like you overreacted and very much contributed to the end of your relationship with SCS. He responded to your request with what he thought was reasonable science and offered to meet you halfway (50%). You really forced a bad interaction when you said his offer was pathetic and a waste of your time. You probably could have recovered all your money if you played it cool and worked it out with them. We all know dealers can be d*ckheads, but so can customers.
I do have little tolerance for poor customer service - guilty as charged!

Before the email in which I told him it was pathetic and he was wasting my time, I did send a previous email indicating that his offer was not acceptable. To this he sent the explanation which still does not make sense. During this whole time they chose to hide behind email instead of having a discussion like a normal professional.

I don't care about recovering the money - at all...that should be obvious. I care about customer service.