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Battlefield 3: Weapon Favorites

So.. been playing BF3 while on winter break. enjoying certain kits and gameplay type or habits. Let's share what kits we love using and why and the strategies that we use that help us get experience points and win the game. we all have our own habits.. so expose us to them and maybe we can learn to enjoy the game in different ways.

Ill set up a sample template to make it easy to read (dont want to bore anyone with a long paragraph)...





Engineer Class
G36C- Holo makes for quick taget aquisition, Foregrip adds stability, Laser adds accuracy
Any Sidearm with tactical lights to blind enemy (somewhat works)
Javelin (especially when recon team mates know how to SOFLAM)
Mines (i have six of them and i mine choke points with 3 mines to cover the whole road)
Explosive Package (extra mines, rockets, javelins)

Support class
UMP 45- Holo for quick targeting, Laser, Suppressor (seems easy to control and I can just empty it out and get a kill... very light and easy to move around with it too)
Same sidearm with tac lights
Explosives pack for additional claymore

Assault class (usually just on rush modes)
Any M4 variation with holo, laser, and foregrip
Same sidearm
sometimes flak and sometimes cover depending on game type

Recon class
.. not really played enough.. i suck at sniping

Leaving mines at narrow roads toward flags and base exits (3 of them to cover the whole road so they all explode at the same time for sure kill... many kills depending on how many players inside)

Javelin vehicles especially tiny jeeps coz they rarely escape it and you get the points for anyone who doesnt jump off when the javelin hits. same case with little birds.

when little birds fly low its easy to shoot the pilots and anyone inside

at caspian border flag D hilltop i leave claymores on narrow ways between rocks where enemies climb up then i switch back to engineer to hunt down tanks and lay down mines. free kills with people who dont watch out for claymores

run around from cover to cover finding unattentive players to knife for their free dogtags (usually snipers and machine gunners)

racking up points of supply and revive playing metro (only occasionally as i enjoy free roaming maps like kharg and caspian)

B2K maps have so many flanking routes that i enjoy hunting spotted enemies in non-hardcore modes

i have my laser and tac lights off when i run and double bind them to the zoom key which is my RMB so they turn on when i zoom...

i dont go out of my way to fly... i suck at it... im almost rank 30 and my jet score is still zero... lol
any tips not to get locked on to too easily? anyone play with a joystick?

share us your wisdom BF3 people... let's have fun.
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